How We Work

Begin by E-mailing us your resume or calling us today! Or tomorrow, if you decide to follow some of the tips in the Resume Builder section of this site. A well written resume always evokes more interest.

Through your resume, we'll analyze your job history in depth. We are particularly interested in your skills, the firms you have worked, and especially you career continuity and goals.

If you either match any of our jobs on the website or on job the job boards (particularly on where we have been listed for eight years), we will contact you by phone and/or email within 24 hours. We will then ask you specific questions to see if this is the job for you.

If you don't match our immediate job opening, we will call you or send you an email if you fit our candidate profile. When we find you an appropriate position in the future, we will contact you to see if you are interested or available. We don't want to waste your time.

We'll collaboratively assess if this right time for you to make a change. A job change, after all, can be an emotionally strenuous experience, involving hard work and a certain amount of stress. We are adept at easing people through this sometimes difficult transition.

Sometimes you may not exactly fit one of our jobs, but you are an excellent match for a member of our affiliate network. If this is the case we will ask your permission to send your resume to an affiliate, and closely monitor your progress throughout the placement process. Your resume will not be sent to a company or an affiliate without your prior authorization.

Most importantly, we'll help you develop a dynamic placement strategy; pre-screen your references, assist you in scheduling interviews, and prepare you for them in depth. Afterward we'll conduct a candid follow-up interview with the prospective employer, to determine to what extent there is a fit, and to gather any constructive criticism that helps you in future interviews.

A major variable in satisfying your career needs is determined by whether it is a candidate or company driven job market. In a strong, candidate driven job market, we search for jobs for you; in a weak, company driven job market, we tend to fill specific jobs for companies. In either case we use the procedures outlined above in getting you the job you want.

With our years of experience, our extensive candidate and company relationships, and our commitment to quality service, Advancement Alternatives is your best choice for personnel placement services.