"I worked with Michael Sullivan as a coach for approximately nine months in 2010 and early 2011. The initial portion of our coaching relationship was part of an emerging leadership program at my company, and then we had six months of follow along sessions after that were funded by my company. Michael was very helpful in assisting me in achieving goals to build and broaden my leadership skills at my company. Also, he was an asset in helping me gain additional confidence and competence as well. Michael's constructive feedback, structured coaching sessions, and empathy and understanding went a long way in elevating my awareness of work and personal situations. He spent a considerable amount of time looking at the bigger picture of my company and how I could move forward within it. I would highly recommend Michael as a coach."
-Leslie L. Corrow, P.E. (February 7, 2011)

"It is my pleasure to recommend Michael for his excellent coaching work. Michael has an extensive and diverse background of experience from which to draw on for work/life coaching and balance; from recruiting in the IT/Software field to writing, coaching and psychology. Michael's strengths as a coach are being fully engaged in the process, and having as much, if not more, a process versus a content approach to coaching. He is passionate about his work and helping clients, ideas – being very well read and researched, is always continuing his education, and has a contagious positive outlook on life and the future. In addition he will celebrate one’s success with them and help them see what might be perceived as a setback, can turn into an opportunity for greater growth than if the setback had not occurred. Working with Michael can gave you a view of a potential more fulfilling life with less stress and more passionate interests."
-David Weinstein (October 24, 2010)

"I met Micheal Sullivan back in the 80s, relatively early in my career and I was immensely impressed by his integrity and dedication to his work. I worked with him for many years in finding strong candidates as well as finding positions for myself. Over the most recent years, I lost contact with him but he was always the measure by which I valued the success and/or lack of successful of subsequent recruiters. He set a very high standard to work by. I recently reunited with Mike and told him of the string impression I had and what he meant to me during those years. He is an excellent resource for any company and someone I was very proud to work with."
-Chuck Wilson, (VP Program and Project Management at Cartiza, Inc) (September 29, 2010)

"At a time when I wasn't sure what the next step in my career path was, Mike found me precisely the right role at the right time. I would not be enjoying the success and opportunity I am today without his work finding the right placement for me."
- Bruce Howells (April 6, 2010)

"Michael Sullivan is a top-notch recruiter. He has 25+ years of experience successfully placing computer professionals in the best companies. One can easily discern that Michael is efficient in ANY economy! He knows how to find a perfect match. I used Michael's services in the past and was amazed with his keen approach, knowledge and understanding. Michael is not a pushy person. He will work hard and smart to make a perfect match. Michael makes time to listen and council in stressful situations. He is respectful and always gives time to decide about the job. I referred my friends to Michael with a firm believe that he'll take a good care of them. Michael has proven time and time again that he can find the best job for each job seeker! I highly recommend to use Michael's services. I'm confident you'll get a good job offer in a reasonable time. Best of luck!"
- Sonia Mirkin (March 5, 2010)

"Michael is an excellent, well informed, software/IT recruiter. He found me a very key job in my career developement several years ago, and found me good interviews in other job searches. He stands out amongst many of his peers in his listening, and acknowledging, to the career needs of his clients and being very supportive to the career concerns of his candidates. Also, he has a very good understanding of the IT job market and technologies from a recruiter's respective. Probably his most unique characteristic is his committed to the career development of his candidates and is willing to give them information to aid in their job search even if he doesn't receive a placement fee. He also mentioned he has recently added career coaching to his services and I feel he would be very good of that."
- Nicholas Bessmer MBA, PMP (January 31, 2010)

"My coaching sessions with Coach Michael always left me invigorized and with a new perspective. He always listened and kindly pinpointed me towards exploring new areas. During our sessions I was able to gain clarity on pretty important decisions while focusing on the key aspects of what truly mattered in my life. I would recomend him to anyone seeking coaching in life or work issues!"
- Maria Martinez MBA (January 16, 2010)