Coaching Services

Our newest service for you is career/life coaching. Our coaching is based on our ADVANCE coaching method. Our method is primarily derived from the core competencies of the International Coaching Federation

Unlike athletic coaching, counseling and psychotherapy, in this model the coach and client are considered to be on the same level. The coach may possess special expertise, but the relationship between the coach and the client is non-directive and self-empowering for the client and coach.

By providing you a dynamic emotional and cognitive environment, assisting you in unearthing your goals, jointly designing a coaching alliance and agenda, asking powerful questions, we facilitate a process whereby you, the client, are able to overcome your obstacles, while achieving work life balance and fulfillment within a holistic framework. Finally, because our area of job placement expertise is in the IT area, our main focus will be on coaching IT professionals. However, we will coach anyone with a sincere desire to define and realize their potential.