Our ADVANCE Coaching Method

We are proud to introduce you to our non-judgmental and eclectic ADVANCE coaching method. In essence, our ADVANCE coaching method combines elements of a variety of coaching approaches, with some integration of psychotherapeutic techniques. Our ADVANCE coaching method is client-centered, confidential and progressive in a non-linear, flexible fashion.

ADVANCE is an acronym comprising the first seven letters of our firm "Advancement Alternatives." We will define in comprehensive detail below our ADVANCE coaching method.

Assess: Our coaching process begins with an assessment of who you are and what you want to gain from coaching with us. We use standard and proprietary assessment tools (e. g., interviewing, testing, the wheel of life, etc.). We intuitively and rationally assess whether coaching with us will be beneficial for you. If, we agree after your initial consultation that your needs may be better served elsewhere, we will recommend to you other options such as a different coach, therapy or counseling.

Design: Together, we design the structure of our coaching relationship. This encompasses practical issues including where and when we'll meet; a realistic expectation of the time required in order for you to reach your specific goals; and the estimated cost to you. Then, through powerful questions and active listening, your expectations concerning coaching's benefits are explored in-depth. You express your goals and dreams; together we design an empowering plan for goal realization, via elevated awareness and action.

Values: Our coaching stresses values clarification and integration to add meaning and purpose to your life. We've found through our extensive coaching experience that living and working in congruence with your core values is essential to happiness and success. Exploring life options with your coach is one method we utilize to find these often hidden values. Also, having your coach value you with unconditional acceptance encourages you to become self accepting, and, thus, overcome your obstacles to growth.

Action: Successful coaching necessitates innovative thought and action on your part. With the support of your coach, stepping outside of your comfort zone is critical in overcoming any long-standing inertia and resistance you have had. To realize your initial goals, and your long-term goals following that; action is essential. Liberating action often occurs between our coaching sessions. However, it is during our coaching sessions where you will find the most clarity and courage to reach your goals.

Notice: We encourage you to closely notice your inner and outer worlds from a variety of perspectives. This reframing process gradually leads you to stop sabotaging your efforts to get, and to be, what you want. We give you the tools and feedback to notice and neutralize these negative influences. Concurrently, we notice and honor your strengths, efforts, and successes to aid in your growth.

Challenge: We gently challenge you to overcome obstacles to your growth. This includes indirectly challenging you to focus on key issues at a deeper level than you are accustomed to. Challenging honors your security and sensitivities; it is an integral part of the process of you visualizing your dreams and desires. Learning to challenge yourself to achieve further growth is a major benefit of coaching.

Excel: Ultimately, we strive to see you excel in what is most important to you. For us, excelling equates with living a full and authentic life, free from fear and regret. Assisting you through our ADVANCE coaching method in order for you to assess, design, value, act, notice, challenge and excel in your life is what we do. It is a difficult, rigorous, but also an exhilarating process; and watching you confidently move onward and upward into the life you've always dreamed of having makes it all worthwhile.