Defining the Process

Initially we offer you a free coaching session. You get a feel for coaching with us so we can jointly determine if it is advantageous to continue. Assuming that we proceed, we then assess your situation, designing the future coaching process, establishing initial parameters.

This may include: clarifying your values; setting goals and agendas; addressing you concerns about the coaching process. Most coaching occurs over the phone. We set a schedule for the first few sessions, clarifying how they may generally unfold, discussing the need for relevant outside session assignments, negotiating a reasonable fee schedule.

Finally we can commence the core coaching process, ranging from three to six months up to a number of years, depending on your judgment. By assisting you on your journey towards self discovery and fulfillment, encouraging gradual termination when you have reached your objectives, we place a premium on satisfying your needs for constructive and supportive feedback, growth, autonomy and confidentiality.