We primarily place individuals in IT and software engineering jobs. Here is a list of skills and job types we place people in: software developers and designers with C#/.NET, C++, and Java and J2EE related software technology Ruby, VFP, PHP, and ORACLE developers; DBA's, System Administrators, Network Engineers and Administrators, Software QA and/or Release Engineers. Project Managers, Web Designers, Business Analysts, and various Hardware Engineers are also represented by us.

We are especially skilled at placing multicultural candidates. In our twenty-plus years of business at least half of our placements have been of foreign born candidates. However, in almost all of our jobs the client company requires at least a green card, and sometimes an EAD is acceptable. Occasionally, we get job requirements for candidates with H1-b's.

If at this time you don't fit the jobs we have posted, you are still encouraged to call or email your resume to We have new jobs coming in on a daily or weekly basis. If you're not interested in the jobs we have today, it is possible you'll be interested in what we have tomorrow, or even next month or next year. Remember confidentiality and your permission to submit your resume is our top priority.

The jobs and companies we represent are primarily in the metropolitan Boston area. We also actively seek opportunities for you in New Hampshire and Rhode Island. If you reside in these areas you have a distinct advantage over candidates from other areas; although if you can quickly relocate yourself, then we can usually place you. However, a few of our clients will relocate you for particularly hard to fill positions. We have occasionally placed candidates in other locations.

On the next page are search criteria and links to the descriptions of jobs we currently have available. These are mostly permanent, full-time positions with a few contract openings. We encourage all interested candidates to email your resume to us at or call us at 617-945-1562. We prefer resumes in MS Word, or Adobe PDF formats, but that is not required. No resume; no problem. We can help. Again, contact us by phone or email.